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Seriously, we’re wonderful people caught up in a crazy whimsical world of uni, wonderful friends (whom we LOVE&ADORE) and our ever growing obsession for Korean boy bands (when will we ever learn?)
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PEEABOO! I’m Katrine a fun loving girl who was born to this world on the 9sept90 we're both uni students & studying hard =P. ILOVESHINee! (so does Rachel) Well Onew to be exact :P

HELLO! My name is Rachel born on 7dec90 social butterfly who is a tad more normal than Katrine. Simply adores JH BABY <3

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 9:05 PM
Follow my lead – Esmee Denters ft. Justin Timberlake

I’m extremely tired at the moment and finding it difficult to sleep far out! Well yesterday Fung and I went to Elison’s Party Round 3 XD like LOL. First off we decided to meet up at Lidcombe station and train it together to Burwood together however as we were waiting for the train to come I suddenly remembered I forgot to take with me the instructions to Elison’s house. I’m so smart seriously, probably the most important thing I needed to bring I forgot T____T but Buddha was nice to me Melody our angel saw us buying stuff at the Asian Grocery store decided to say Hi and LOL BAM we latched ourselves on to her since she knew directions =). Aren’t we lucky cookies? XD 

Well we get to Elison’s place and HOLY CRAP we put our bags down and was lead to his toilet where his bathtub was freaking overflowing with bottles of beer & cruisers it looked pretty cool XD It was a fun night! Along with Leann I went a little insane and threw empty bottles of beer and cruisers into Elison’s pool and watched it bobble up and down. It’s seriously entertaining =)

Hmms, what else happened? Oh yea Fung and I got stuck inside Elison’s pantry like seriously that was some scary crap, we went in there trying to convince Fung’s parents to let her sleep over at my house and we ended stuck in there. It was the scariest like 5 mins of our lives. I have learnt the lesson of DO NOT ENTER CONFINED SPACES AND CLOSE THE DOOR. Imagine no one heard us, heck we could be stuck there for like god knows how long!  

Anyways, I really can’t be bothered typing anymore because I am totally incapable of stringing together coherent sentences at this exact point in time. Here’s some pictures though XD

THIS was the highlight of our night the SWING :)

I look like i am going to be hung T.T

Kylie's so gone she thinks she's a Koala XD

ELLIOT is trying to kill me XD


Credits pankeiko @ SFI

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