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Hello minions!
Welcome to the bizarre and hectic lives of Sydney’s elite =P
Rest assured you will hear endless accounts of how anomalous our lives are.
Seriously, we’re wonderful people caught up in a crazy whimsical world of uni, wonderful friends (whom we LOVE&ADORE) and our ever growing obsession for Korean boy bands (when will we ever learn?)
We thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay =)

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PEEABOO! I’m Katrine a fun loving girl who was born to this world on the 9sept90 we're both uni students & studying hard =P. ILOVESHINee! (so does Rachel) Well Onew to be exact :P

HELLO! My name is Rachel born on 7dec90 social butterfly who is a tad more normal than Katrine. Simply adores JH BABY <3

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Thursday, January 14, 2010 @ 5:48 PM
She’s Back – DJ Loko

Well minions =) I am back and like I said I was going to edit the layout but I almost screwed up on me so I decided not to try upload the images myself so LET US ALL PRAY the lovely image hosting person's imageshack won't die out on us *fingers crossed*

I sincerely apologise for the complete lack of updates and inability to even keep the blog alive T__T”. I sorry but things in life were so BORING I couldn’t even be bothered blogging! Yes, my life is as dry as the bloody deserts in the Northern Territory. HAHAHA well Rachel’s in HK at the moment but she’ll be back soon with my SHINee CALENDAR *WOOOHOOOO!!* I am so damm excited!!

Is it just me or is the weather here in Sydney seriously screwed up? Honestly two days ago it was like we lived near the bloody equator with like 40 degree sun and today it rains like it does in rainforests! Seriously, I fear for my future honestly GLOBAL WARMING.

I watched Coraline on DVD today honestly that was ONE CREEPY animated movie. If I was some small child watching it in the cinemas I’d shit my pants. It’s seriously just plain creepy gives me like goose bumps and the overall theme of the movie was just DARK! *Shivers*

Last week I went with Fung to watch Sherlock Homles it was pretty good, shame they made it far too light hearted, like the overall movie kind of failed to tap in on the emotional side. When Holmes sidekick gets blown up I didn’t feel like crying and when they were in danger they’d insert humorous comments and TOTALLY ruin the atmosphere. Maybe I had far too high expectations for the movie but from what my friends have said they all said it was really good =P

OMG, C.N BLUE’s MV came out today! It’s called “I’m a Loner” LIKE LOL XD I fully cracked up when I heard the title but seriously it’s a pretty good song =P I enjoyed it! I also found out that two of their members are younger than me. Honestly, if Korea keeps putting out artists that like younger than me I am seriously going to get arrested, their like a country of JAIL BAIT T____T. That or I’m just OLD =P.


Credits cinnamoran @ SFI 

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