you make me smile

Hello minions!
Welcome to the bizarre and hectic lives of Sydney’s elite =P
Rest assured you will hear endless accounts of how anomalous our lives are.
Seriously, we’re wonderful people caught up in a crazy whimsical world of uni, wonderful friends (whom we LOVE&ADORE) and our ever growing obsession for Korean boy bands (when will we ever learn?)
We thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay =)

dance like a fool


PEEABOO! I’m Katrine a fun loving girl who was born to this world on the 9sept90 we're both uni students & studying hard =P. ILOVESHINee! (so does Rachel) Well Onew to be exact :P

HELLO! My name is Rachel born on 7dec90 social butterfly who is a tad more normal than Katrine. Simply adores JH BABY <3

buzz like a bee

forget how to breathe

Designer: xo xo
Resources: xo xo xo xo
Song: xo

dizzy in my head

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 7:37 PM
One Way Road- John Butler

very scrapbook like =P which is where Kat's interest lies.

sunset is beautiful ★

i want my future room to look like this <3
& my own art studio.

This image actually moves ..but it's not working on here :(
It's so surreal I LOVE IT! ★

I know we say this really often, SORRY for lack of updates.
But we're really going to work on it.. or at least turn it into a photoblog.
Kat says she'll blog tomorrow so we'll take photos and keep you readers updated =)

I'm really into my graphic/arts anything creative again! So I've been browsing heaps, I found a lot of very nifty photographs and other fancy things haha!

I realised people who have a tumblr are very into photography! I love it =)
Credits to them & deviantART & other random art sites I go to =)

I'm still browsing.. & having a lot of fun haha


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