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PEEABOO! I’m Katrine a fun loving girl who was born to this world on the 9sept90 we're both uni students & studying hard =P. ILOVESHINee! (so does Rachel) Well Onew to be exact :P

HELLO! My name is Rachel born on 7dec90 social butterfly who is a tad more normal than Katrine. Simply adores JH BABY <3

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Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 7:51 PM
Stay Away - Jimmie Allen

=O, it’s been like half a million years since I even last blogged. I can’t believe I even still own a blog, despite the fact that a link to it is in my personal message on freaking MSN. LOL talk about epic fail! Uni has started, god damm I am already tired, it’s the first week with no tuts and I come home exhausted! I learnt something new this week! CO-OP that lying, cheating stupid profit driven company has been robbing me of my hard earned money FOR A YEAR AND A HALF. Same goes with freaking Glebe bookstore, FML seriously! I do NOT APPRECIATE being RIPPED OFF! GRRR, some really nice friend of mine linked me to this site that delivers my freaking textbooks to my FRONT DOOR and I don’t even have to line up in the rain or cold just to pay an extra $15 for a freaking textbook! Honestly, I was so bitter when I found out and I STILL AM right now! GOODBYE Co-op and HELLO online shopping ;)

Nothing interesting happened today =( I just went to work to earn myself some moolah! Then when I got home checked my email to find out that Lion Nathan rejected me for work experience. What a shame I’d be such a cool person =) HAHAHA now I just got to wait for AirRoad to reply, hopefully with some good news! I think I am having KFC for dinner tonight, that’s what my brother says. Gosh I do hate winter all I do is gain weight. One of these days I might actually end up on the biggest loser if I keep freaking eating. LOL my freaking entry makes no sense at all and my thoughts are all over the place right now.

I don’t want to think about, but I am disappointed. Each time I think there’s hope I get myself all worked up thinking I’ve finally figured it out! Only to realise how wrong I am, I find myself thinking ‘oh no not this crap again’. Seriously, either the neurons in my brain aren’t functioning right or I am just doomed to be a failure! This isn’t even about trying anymore because all I do disappoint myself and not to add, I just build up all this hype only to watch myself crash and burn. People say the essence of getting it right is to keep trying to keep preserving. Is it all just lies? It feels as if I am just chasing after something that probably never will exist and heck it probably even ceases to exist! I think I am going to give up on a whole and quit wasting my time waiting for something that may not even come knocking on my front door step…

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