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Hello minions!
Welcome to the bizarre and hectic lives of Sydney’s elite =P
Rest assured you will hear endless accounts of how anomalous our lives are.
Seriously, we’re wonderful people caught up in a crazy whimsical world of uni, wonderful friends (whom we LOVE&ADORE) and our ever growing obsession for Korean boy bands (when will we ever learn?)
We thoroughly hope you enjoy your stay =)

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PEEABOO! I’m Katrine a fun loving girl who was born to this world on the 9sept90 we're both uni students & studying hard =P. ILOVESHINee! (so does Rachel) Well Onew to be exact :P

HELLO! My name is Rachel born on 7dec90 social butterfly who is a tad more normal than Katrine. Simply adores JH BABY <3

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dizzy in my head

Friday, July 30, 2010 @ 7:51 PM
Stay Away - Jimmie Allen

=O, it’s been like half a million years since I even last blogged. I can’t believe I even still own a blog, despite the fact that a link to it is in my personal message on freaking MSN. LOL talk about epic fail! Uni has started, god damm I am already tired, it’s the first week with no tuts and I come home exhausted! I learnt something new this week! CO-OP that lying, cheating stupid profit driven company has been robbing me of my hard earned money FOR A YEAR AND A HALF. Same goes with freaking Glebe bookstore, FML seriously! I do NOT APPRECIATE being RIPPED OFF! GRRR, some really nice friend of mine linked me to this site that delivers my freaking textbooks to my FRONT DOOR and I don’t even have to line up in the rain or cold just to pay an extra $15 for a freaking textbook! Honestly, I was so bitter when I found out and I STILL AM right now! GOODBYE Co-op and HELLO online shopping ;)

Nothing interesting happened today =( I just went to work to earn myself some moolah! Then when I got home checked my email to find out that Lion Nathan rejected me for work experience. What a shame I’d be such a cool person =) HAHAHA now I just got to wait for AirRoad to reply, hopefully with some good news! I think I am having KFC for dinner tonight, that’s what my brother says. Gosh I do hate winter all I do is gain weight. One of these days I might actually end up on the biggest loser if I keep freaking eating. LOL my freaking entry makes no sense at all and my thoughts are all over the place right now.

I don’t want to think about, but I am disappointed. Each time I think there’s hope I get myself all worked up thinking I’ve finally figured it out! Only to realise how wrong I am, I find myself thinking ‘oh no not this crap again’. Seriously, either the neurons in my brain aren’t functioning right or I am just doomed to be a failure! This isn’t even about trying anymore because all I do disappoint myself and not to add, I just build up all this hype only to watch myself crash and burn. People say the essence of getting it right is to keep trying to keep preserving. Is it all just lies? It feels as if I am just chasing after something that probably never will exist and heck it probably even ceases to exist! I think I am going to give up on a whole and quit wasting my time waiting for something that may not even come knocking on my front door step…

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Saturday, February 20, 2010 @ 9:39 PM
two of a kind.

She's quite special. <3

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Thursday, February 11, 2010 @ 7:15 PM
Locked In Love - Jason Derulo

Need I say more?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 7:37 PM
One Way Road- John Butler

very scrapbook like =P which is where Kat's interest lies.

sunset is beautiful ★

i want my future room to look like this <3
& my own art studio.

This image actually moves ..but it's not working on here :(
It's so surreal I LOVE IT! ★

I know we say this really often, SORRY for lack of updates.
But we're really going to work on it.. or at least turn it into a photoblog.
Kat says she'll blog tomorrow so we'll take photos and keep you readers updated =)

I'm really into my graphic/arts anything creative again! So I've been browsing heaps, I found a lot of very nifty photographs and other fancy things haha!

I realised people who have a tumblr are very into photography! I love it =)
Credits to them & deviantART & other random art sites I go to =)

I'm still browsing.. & having a lot of fun haha


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Monday, January 18, 2010 @ 8:27 PM
Nicole Scherzinger ft Akon - By My Side

There's always times where I wonder why people are so bitter, why their outlook on life is always swaying towards the pessimistic end. Honestly, I understand that life isn’t perfect and everyone gets crap thrown at you all the time but seriously what’s with this excessive bitterness. WAS LIFE EVER FAIR TO BEGIN WITH? I don’t want to seem rude or totally insensitive but I honestly don’t understand what’s so fucking depressing that we have to be throwing ourselves off cliffs or saying really morbid things like ‘is life worth living?’ and shit like ‘oh my life is so depressing, nothing goes right. I wish I wasn’t alive etc etc…’ don’t talk shit like that because there are people out there living FAR worse lives than you have now.

I understand that things are never perfect in life, WHO in this world can say that life has always been fair for them? Really, what people need to learn is to take things one step at a time, the first step maybe difficult but at the end of the day it’s inevitable. What annoys me is the fact that people come up with the most stupid excuses to do something, because I was dumped, because my dog died, because someone ate my homework therefore I started smoking, having sex, taking drugs and what not. IS LIFE THAT TRAGIC that you have been pushed into a corner where rehab and jail are all that you have to live for?

Even worse, when people say ‘no one understands, no one cares’ my question to you is DID YOU EVEN BOTHER EXPLAINING? Instead of leaving us here guessing what could be going on your head, why don’t you take the liberty to EXPLAIN TO US what the hell is wrong. Has it ever crossed your mind that MAYBE just MAYBE I don’t have mind reading powers? Sometimes I just wish you’d stop for a moment with the excessive mood swings and tell me what's so bad that you think that pushing everyone away from your life is going to make you feel oh so much better. You claim that we don’t care, when really we worry like no tomorrow about your physical and mental health. Just ask for help or even a shoulder to cry on because you know I’ll always be there for you no matter how bad things are. 



Credits REAL(style) @ SFI

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 9:05 PM
Follow my lead – Esmee Denters ft. Justin Timberlake

I’m extremely tired at the moment and finding it difficult to sleep far out! Well yesterday Fung and I went to Elison’s Party Round 3 XD like LOL. First off we decided to meet up at Lidcombe station and train it together to Burwood together however as we were waiting for the train to come I suddenly remembered I forgot to take with me the instructions to Elison’s house. I’m so smart seriously, probably the most important thing I needed to bring I forgot T____T but Buddha was nice to me Melody our angel saw us buying stuff at the Asian Grocery store decided to say Hi and LOL BAM we latched ourselves on to her since she knew directions =). Aren’t we lucky cookies? XD 

Well we get to Elison’s place and HOLY CRAP we put our bags down and was lead to his toilet where his bathtub was freaking overflowing with bottles of beer & cruisers it looked pretty cool XD It was a fun night! Along with Leann I went a little insane and threw empty bottles of beer and cruisers into Elison’s pool and watched it bobble up and down. It’s seriously entertaining =)

Hmms, what else happened? Oh yea Fung and I got stuck inside Elison’s pantry like seriously that was some scary crap, we went in there trying to convince Fung’s parents to let her sleep over at my house and we ended stuck in there. It was the scariest like 5 mins of our lives. I have learnt the lesson of DO NOT ENTER CONFINED SPACES AND CLOSE THE DOOR. Imagine no one heard us, heck we could be stuck there for like god knows how long!  

Anyways, I really can’t be bothered typing anymore because I am totally incapable of stringing together coherent sentences at this exact point in time. Here’s some pictures though XD

THIS was the highlight of our night the SWING :)

I look like i am going to be hung T.T

Kylie's so gone she thinks she's a Koala XD

ELLIOT is trying to kill me XD


Credits pankeiko @ SFI

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Thursday, January 14, 2010 @ 5:48 PM
She’s Back – DJ Loko

Well minions =) I am back and like I said I was going to edit the layout but I almost screwed up on me so I decided not to try upload the images myself so LET US ALL PRAY the lovely image hosting person's imageshack won't die out on us *fingers crossed*

I sincerely apologise for the complete lack of updates and inability to even keep the blog alive T__T”. I sorry but things in life were so BORING I couldn’t even be bothered blogging! Yes, my life is as dry as the bloody deserts in the Northern Territory. HAHAHA well Rachel’s in HK at the moment but she’ll be back soon with my SHINee CALENDAR *WOOOHOOOO!!* I am so damm excited!!

Is it just me or is the weather here in Sydney seriously screwed up? Honestly two days ago it was like we lived near the bloody equator with like 40 degree sun and today it rains like it does in rainforests! Seriously, I fear for my future honestly GLOBAL WARMING.

I watched Coraline on DVD today honestly that was ONE CREEPY animated movie. If I was some small child watching it in the cinemas I’d shit my pants. It’s seriously just plain creepy gives me like goose bumps and the overall theme of the movie was just DARK! *Shivers*

Last week I went with Fung to watch Sherlock Homles it was pretty good, shame they made it far too light hearted, like the overall movie kind of failed to tap in on the emotional side. When Holmes sidekick gets blown up I didn’t feel like crying and when they were in danger they’d insert humorous comments and TOTALLY ruin the atmosphere. Maybe I had far too high expectations for the movie but from what my friends have said they all said it was really good =P

OMG, C.N BLUE’s MV came out today! It’s called “I’m a Loner” LIKE LOL XD I fully cracked up when I heard the title but seriously it’s a pretty good song =P I enjoyed it! I also found out that two of their members are younger than me. Honestly, if Korea keeps putting out artists that like younger than me I am seriously going to get arrested, their like a country of JAIL BAIT T____T. That or I’m just OLD =P.


Credits cinnamoran @ SFI 

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